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At Arise Baptist Church, our focus is on spiritual growth and serving the Lord. We are family focused and promote opportunities for families to serve the Lord together. We do our best to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with our community, the surrounding area and the world. We do this through public ministry, which consists of holding scripture signs, public preaching, public witnessing and handing out gospel tracts at parades and public activities. We also go from house to house to reach people with the truth where they live, and support missionaries around the world. ​We focus on being Bible "practicers", not just Bible believers.​​

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At Arise Baptist Church we believe that God has a purpose for everyone's life. Simply put; we weren't just saved to sit, but we were saved to serve. Far too many "Christians" never accomplish anything that will count in eternity. We desire for each of our members to reach their full potential for Christ. The preaching and teaching is both practical and challenging.

Arise Bapstist Church near Ft. Campbell
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